Skylights give you a new home without changing addresses

Did you know that people spend about 90% of their time indoors? It’s not surprising that people suffer from insufficient daylight, especially once autumn settles in. Having good windows at home and at work can partly solve this problem. And skylights can provide twice as much natural light as vertical windows.

Ciella has therefore adopted the mission of improving its customers’ quality of life by providing exceptional quality VELUX skylights.

Three types of skylight to accommodate all needs and budgets.

Fixed skylights

Fixed skylights are mainly used in locations that don’t need ventilation. They are the most economical solution, along with sun tunnels. They are available in flat or domed glass. We most often recommend flat glass, as it provides greater insulation and better quality, and comes with a 20-year warranty in the event of condensation between the two glass panels. Some models are also available with triple glass.

If you have a larger area to cover, we can create a grouping of several skylights for a more imposing effect. Another possibility is to combine fixed and venting skylights to allow beneficial and comfortable ventilation.

Venting skylights

Venting skylights are the most popular since they provide natural ventilation that is very comfortable for users. They are energy efficient, allowing heat to escape through the opening in summer and offering good insulation in winter.

Venting skylights are equipped with a solar panel that uses daytime light to recharge the battery for the mechanism that opens and closes the skylight window. No wiring is required and a built-in rain sensor closes the skylight in the event of bad weather. This means your skylights are always functional, even during a power interruption.

Flat roof skylights and commercial skylights

Skylights are perfect for homes with a flat roof and for businesses. Three models are available: fixed skylights, manual venting skylights and exit skylights. The exit skylight is useful for rooftop terraces and to give easy access to the roof for maintenance and repairs.

Skylight accessories

Skylights offer everything you need to make your life easier, from remote controls and telescopic rods to control panels for home automation systems.

Skylight blinds are both useful and aesthetic. Binds for venting skylights operate on solar energy, while blinds for fixed skylights are manual. Either way, they come in a range of colours and opacities to meet all your needs.

Do you have an innovative idea or plan for a skylight? Our team is inspired by new challenges. Contact us to talk about your project.