Skylight installer certified by Velux

Ciella is a certified installer by the Velux skylight manufacturing company, which has enjoyed a worldwide reputation for over 60 years. Thanks to our vast expertise and work methods proven over two decades of operation, we can guarantee skylight installation work that’s free from all defects.

Despite popular belief, skylights themselves do not leak. The Velux products we install are perfectly watertight and appropriate for Quebec’s climate. The difference is the installation quality and the maintenance.

It’s essential for skylights to be well installed and maintained

Selecting the right contractor to install your skylight or sun tunnel is the key. Beware of part-time installers! Installing a skylight requires flawless expertise and technique. Ciella’s reputation is firmly established as a result of its many years of top-quality work.

After getting skylights installed, it’s essential that you follow the maintenance requirements we provide you. Quebec has harsh winters, so it’s important to remove snow from skylights to prevent ice dams from forming as a result of extreme temperature changes.

Are you put off by the idea of climbing onto the roof to remove snow from your skylights? Ciella has developed a great product to eliminate this task for you: skylight covers. Read this section to find out more.

Feel free to contact us for more information on installing and maintaining your skylights.