Skylight covers: The perfect solution to minimize maintenance



Skylight covers
exclusive : CIELLA-Winter

Put off by the idea of climbing onto the roof to remove snow from your skylight?

Ciella has developed a great product to eliminate this task for you.

CIELLA skylight covers: The perfect solution for a worry-free winter.

A good-quality well-installed skylight will not leak. This is a guarantee we give our customers. We also advise all our customers that to benefit from this guarantee, they have to remove snow from the skylight a few times each winter to keep excess snow and ice from accumulating.

Despite our sound advice, many customers skip this important step or are unable to do it properly. So the Ciella team did research to find the perfect solution to help our customers. We’re now proud to offer a cover for your skylights.

Skylight covers are THE perfect solution for our climate. Covers are transparent and completely cover the skylight, preventing snow and ice from accumulating. Our covers’ tested, well-ventilated design eliminates up to 95% of ice formation on the skylight, reducing the risk of water infiltration.

With skylight covers, you no longer need to climb onto the roof to clear snow from your skylights. It’s an optimal solution to minimize maintenance.

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