Ciella’s mission is to offer flawless products and installation so everyone can benefit from natural lighting. Ciella makes a contribution to comfortable living in all kinds of environments, including homes, offices, professional studios and even factories. A brighter environment creates more pleasant living conditions and a more stimulating ambience. Here are a few sample projects we carried out in 2016.

Plusieur puits de lumière par Ciella

Design for an ancestral cottage – Skylight allows the space under the roof to be used. toiture. The past in a luminous present.

Puits de lumière ouvrant pour piscine intérieure par Ciella

Auto-opening skylight set for pool room regulates heat and humidity depending on the season. True comfort.

Puits de lumière par Ciella

Fixed skylight without possibility of opening or covering.

Two-section skylight with ventilation and remote-controlled blinds Absolute comfort.

Puits sur toit plats vue aérienne

Professional artistic studio.

Natural light in a sound and photo studio that used to be only artificially lit. Comfort that fuels creativity.

Next-generation dome well for flat roof lets natural light into rooms that can’t have windows. Light makes people more active and optimistic.

Double walled acrylic dome

Skylight for inclined roof. New installation on an existing roof makes it possible to create a new room for a growing family. More living space without having to move.

Avant l'installation

Skylight for inclined roof. New installation on an existing roof for a more comfortable living space. Let light into your life!

Tunnels de lumière par Ciella
Tunnels de lumière par Ciella

The sun tunnel is a permanent ray of light for windowless areas. Let light flood into those dark areas.

Puits de lumière sur une véranda par Ciella

More light on the porch thanks to a fixed skylight.

Aménagement intégré

Installation of 4 stacked skylights and interior finish to match the existing decor.

Quatre puits de lumière
Quatre puits de lumière

Set of skylights with automatic opening system: Control with remote control and integrated rain control.

Transparent skylight covers are the perfect solution for our climate. They completely cover the skylight and prevent snow and ice from accumulating. Thanks to the tested, well-ventilated design, our covers eliminate up to 95% of ice formation on the skylight, thereby reducing the risk of water infiltration.

Pyramid Skylight

Let the light in … create a new living space